With the variety of activities available at the International Campsite, both young and old will find something to enjoy.

Visit the department of Var


The Var is an ideal destination for a family holiday. Alongside the beach and boating activities, the surroundings of Hyères and the Giens Peninsula are full of sites to visit, by the sea or inland. From the thousand-year-old city of Roquebrune to the seafront of Saint-Raphaël via the coastal path linking the Issambres to the Lavandou, multiple landscapes are available to you. Do not miss the chance to admire the famous harbor of Toulon, and to offer a nature getaway through the preserved landscapes of the islands of Porquerolles and Embiez. Higher up in the land, the Gorges du Verdon are a must for any stay in the Var. On the coast or in the mountains, go finally to the discovery of the most beautiful villages Var: Bagnols-in-Forest, Castellet, or Bormes-les-Mimosas!

Located 17 km from Toulon, the town of Hyères prides itself on its tourist attractions: its many beautiful beaches where you can swim and windsurf. With cultural attractions like the famous Villa Noailles and old town, life is good…

And of course there’s the Giens Peninsula, a true gem for lovers of hiking, photography, diving and boating.

  • Camping Presqu'île de Giens
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    Giens Peninsula

    As its name suggests, the island is connected to Hyères by a double sandy isthmus or tombolo, one-of-a-kind in Europe. Hiking, diving, boating and photography are all great options any time of year.

  • Camping à proximité de la Villa Noailles
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    The Villa Noailles

    An example of modernist architecture, built during the inter-war period, the Villa Noailles hosts big names of the design and art world each year. A gem for fans of modernist architecture.

  • visite jardins remarquables à Hyères
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    Beautiful Gardens

    A town that smells of orange flower, mimosa, rose… Hyères has been known for its greenery and flower gardens for decades, which people love to visit. Explore the Olbius Riquier and Villa Noailles gardens.

  • Camping 4 étoiles à Hyères
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    Old Hyères

    Downtown is made of little paved streets, that can be quite steep, and you will love its many restaurants and shops. It has a traditional Mediterranean Provence market. Market day: Saturday.

  • Camping 4 étoiles Presqu'île de Giens
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    An incredible archaeological site, well preserved, only recently discovered (in 2000). Here the ancient Roman village of Olbia was discovered, built 2,400 years ago…

  • Île de Porquerolles
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    Porquerolles Island

    Known the world over for its amazing beaches, there is no place else like it! Restaurants, accommodations, hiking and cycling, diving, boating… Accessible by boat shuttle from the port of Tour Fondue.

  • Île de Port-Cros
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    Port-Cros Island

    An amazing natural aquarium. Home to its own species of grouper, this beautiful island has been protected from human activity by being named a National Park. Calling all divers! Departure from the port of Hyères.

  • L'ile du Levant
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    Le Levant Island

    This island bristling with green spaces has been a naturist colony since 1936. You can also visit forts dating from the Napoleonic era. Departure from the port of Hyères.

  • Camping à proximité de la plage de l'Almanarre
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    L’Almanarre Beach

    – Hyères

    5 km of beach span one of the tombolos linking Giens Peninsula to Hyères. This spot is known worldwide and hosts windsurfing and kitesurfing championships each year.

  • Plage des Darboussières Presqu'île de Giens
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    Les Darboussières Beach

    – Giens Peninsula

    Located on the southern cost of the Peninsula, Les Darboussières beach is quieter and rockier than its competitors. It’s a great place to go snorkeling.

  • Plage de l'Anse du Four à Chaux
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    L’Anse du Four Beach in Chaux

    – Giens Peninsula

    A little beach at the bottom of the Parc des Chevaliers, at the very end of route de la Madrague.

  • Plage de la Badine - Presqu'île de Giens
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    La Badine Beach

    – Giens Peninsula

    A beach with shallower water where you can walk out far without losing your footing.

  • Plage de la Palud sur l'île de Port-Cros
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    La Palud Beach

    – Port-Cros Island

    You have to walk 45 minutes to get to the beach. You can discover the local marine flora and fauna by following the underwater trail, and all you need is a mask and snorkel.

  • Plage île de Porquerolles
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    La Courtade Beach

    – Porquerolles Island

    The turquoise water, the scent of eucalyptus, the largest beach on Porquerolles will amaze you.

  • Plage du Sud sur l'île de Port-Cros
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    South Beach

    – Port-Cros Island

    A rather crowded beach located 30 minutes’ walk from the village. No anchoring is allowed, so you can swim anywhere and admire the flora and fauna.

  • Plage naturiste sur l'île du Levant
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    Les Grottes Beach

    – Le Levant Island

    This is a beautiful naturist-only beach!

  • Plage de sable noir sur l'ile de Porquerolles
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    Le Langoustier Black Beach

    – Porquerolles Island

    A stretch of black sand that owes its color to slag spills, dating from the 19th century. A shady, very nice place for boaters.

  • Camping à proximité de la plage à Hyères
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    La Capte Beach

    – Hyères

    Located on the eastern tombolo, La Capte beach is only a few minutes’ walk from the salt marshes, from which you can watch the sunset and flamingos.

  • Plage de sable blanc sur l'ile de Porquerolles
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    Notre-Dame Beach

    – Porquerolles Island

    Just as beautiful as the other Porquerolles beaches, Notre-Dame is an incredible white sand bay with crystal-clear water.

  • Planche à voile à Proximité du camping
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    Windsurfing | Funboarding

    L’Almanarre is the perfect spot to learn how to windsurf or to perfect your technique, and is known worldwide. Our Spinout windsurfing school has classes for all levels!

  • Camping idéal pour pratiquer le kitesurf
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    L’Almanarre is the perfect spot to learn how to kitesurf or to perfect your technique, and is known worldwide. Our partner KGG offers classes for all levels.

  • Activités nautiques à proximité du Camping International 4 étoiles
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    Wakeboarding | Water Skiing | Tubing

    Even more fun sports to discover with our partner KGG.

  • Pratiquer la plongée dans le parc national de Port Cros
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    Diving in the Port Cros National Park is a unique experience. There is something to enjoy for every level of diver! Our diving partner Divin’Giens has trips every day to various dive sites.

  • Faire du paddle à coté du camping International de Giens
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    Everyone can paddleboard on any budget: it’s a fun and different way to enjoy the sea. Contact Spinout for more information.

  • Découvrir la Presqu'île de Giens en Kayak
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    Head out to explore the Peninsula, in single or double kayaks! Contact Spinout for more information.

  • Faire du jet-ski sur la Presqu'ile de Giens
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    Jet Skis

    Jet skis are great for an adrenaline rush, whether you’re alone or with a group! Contact our partners Audemar & La Petite Flotille for more information.

  • Balades sur la Presqu'île de Giens
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    Map of walking or cycling paths

    Cycling Map

  • Découvrir Hyères
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    There is the Kiddy Parc, for ropes courses. Paintball Colors Duty for a game of paintball. Magic World for having fun at the fair (mid-May to end of August).

  • Visiter Toulon
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    Toulon (29 km)

    You can visit the market, or tour the town and its beaches on a little train. Discover the Navy Museum and La Rade. Go to a music festival or the Opera.

  • Bormes-les-Mimosas
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    Bormes-les-Mimosas (30 km)

    Discover the beaches, the resort and water sports. Go on a hike or a bike tour. The local craftsmanship will amaze you. Try scuba diving and take a guided tour.

  • Le Lavandou
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    Le Lavandou (31 km)

    This town has 12 beautiful beaches covering 12 km. Discover its gorgeous gardens and cultural heritage.

  • Le Rayol Canadel
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    Le Rayol-Canadel (41 km)

    At the Domaine du Rayol, you can follow the underwater trail with fins, mask and snorkel. Then, discover the local fauna and flora with a nature guide. And why not rent a boat to spend a day on the sea?

  • camping aux alentours de Saint-Tropez
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    Saint-Tropez (61 km)

    Discover the beaches, the vertical gardens. Stroll down the streets and climb up to the citadel. Maybe you’ll run into a celebrity…

  • Camping à proximité des Gorges du Verdon
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    The Verdon (at least 130 km)

    The Verdon is full of beautiful landscapes! It is home to the famous Verdon Gorge, as well as the Mercantour National Park. You can enjoy hiking, paragliding and many other sports.

  • Marchés sur la Presqu'île de Giens
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    Markets from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

    Monday: Salins-d’Hyères, Place des Pêcheurs

    Tuesday: Giens Peninsula, Place Saint Pierre

    Wednesday: L’Ayguade, avenue des Hippocampes

    Thursday: Carqueiranne, in the center

    Friday: La Capte, rue de la Darse

    Saturday: Downtown Hyères, avenue Gambetta

    Sunday: Hyères Port

  • Gastronomie locale provencale
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    Local Cuisine

    Here is a partial list of Provençal dishes that will make your mouth water! Everything to do with the olive, aioli, the famous herbes de Provence, chestnuts, figs, ratatouille, soupe au pistou, bouillabaisse, anchoïade, daube provençale and of course the famous rosé.

  • Camping aux alentours de Cannes
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    Cannes (130 km)

    The famous festival city has much to offer: a walk down the Croisette, downtown shopping, the Lérins Islands or its many museums, castles and churches!

  • Camping à proximité des Calanques de Cassis
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    Cassis (70 km)

    In need of nature? Take a hike down the gorgeous calanques in Cassis: On the schedule: walking, swimming, picnicking.

  • Camping aux alentours de Port Grimaud
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    Port Grimaud (55 km)

    Traditional Provence village in the heart of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

  • LE CAstellet
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    Le Castellet (50 km)

    A little picturesque village known for the Paul Ricard Formula 1 race track!